Ethika Dad Bod Product Design

The first pair I designed for Ethika was the Father's Day pair for 2019.  Inspired by the goofy plaid shorts and fanny pack combo seen by many tourist fathers, this pair replicates as aspirational look.

Right Tempo Product Design

An Ethika pair designed for the Fall 2019.  The design is based off the Nike Air Uptempo 96 Pinstripe shoes.

Shoes and fashion are a large inspiration for the design of Ethika products.

Got Stache Product Design

An Ethika pair designed for Holiday 2019.  The design was for Movember 2019, based off the old '90's milk mustache advertisements with a different kind of mustache in place.

Ethika Familie Flex Artwork

The Ethika Familie Flex is a monthly updated playlist curated on Spotify by a new Ethika Ambassador each month.

The artwork is designed to resemble the Spotify owned playlists artwork.

Ethika Social Media

A selection of images that I created for the Ethika Instagram page over the years.

Ethika Girls

A selection of images that I created for Ethika Girls content over the years.

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